Zanzibar Snails, The Annoysters, Muzak John, Wu Fru De Lu Vs. Space Dragon Killah, Welby

You never know what you're going to get at a Zanzibar Snails show. There are only a few constants—or what passes for constants in such an improvisational act—in the form of Michael Chamy's oscillator and shortwave noise-making and Nevada Hill's treated guitar outbursts. Otherwise, a cast of musical and visual-art collaborators come and go as available.

This Snails show, the capper to a night of totally out-there experimental music, will feature avant-garde vocalist Sarah Alexander and incredible jazz drummer Gerard Bendiks. There, be sure to pick up a copy of Journey Into Amazing Caves!, a CD/DVD package that pairs a meditative, soothing soundscape CD with a frantic A/V freakout of a DVD that has to be seen to be believed. Other highlights of this bill are the toy-wielding noise project Welby and costumed outsider keyboard basher Muzak John.


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