7-Eleven's Working on Global Domination

7-Eleven's Working on Global Domination

Looks like 7-Eleven's new private-label wine is but the beginning of the Dallas-based convenience-store chain's plan to conquer the world. Mark Herron, the senior product director for all things private label, tells Convenience Store News there's more to come: "By developing a global brand, 7-Eleven can better leverage our brand strength and scale with customers all over the world." Up next: "a premium wine, possibly from U.S. or Europe."

Incidentally, this is the result of 7-Eleven's having created what it calls a global customer Current Situation Analysis, or CSA, that determines worldwide customers' "taste preferences and the value proposition." Maybe they should just call Dave? In related news, 7-Eleven's still on track to add 75 news stores in the DFW between now and 2012, which, of course, is when the world will end. Now, everyone, dance the slurp!

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