911 Operator Cracks a Cowboys Funny

Noah W. Bailey
911 Operator Cracks a Cowboys Funny

What follows is a transcript of my phone conversation with a 911 operator this morning, reached during my commute to work. This took place in Oak Cliff, off North Plymouth Road.

Me: “Uh, there’s a truck in the creek by my house.”

911 operator: “OK, is there anyone in the truck?”

Me: “Uh, didn’t really look like it.”

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911 operator: “Was the truck underwater?”

Me: “Uh, not really. The creek’s like a foot deep.”

911 operator: “What color was the truck?”

Me: “Uh, dark blue.”

911 operator: “Is it an extended cab?”

Me: “Uh, I couldn’t tell. It’s down there in the creek, you know?”

911 operator: “Did you notice anything else about the truck?”

Me: “Well, there is a big Dallas Cowboys star in the back window.”

911 operator: “Oh, they’re probably just depressed!”

Then she giggled. Five, 10 minutes later, the police showed up. No dead body or nothin'. "Probably stolen," said the officer. --Noah W. Bailey

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