A Few of Dallas's Most Beautiful and Historic Churches Could Really Use New Owners

That church-turned-home on East Side Avenue keeps getting less and less expensive.
That church-turned-home on East Side Avenue keeps getting less and less expensive.

I was looking for something entirely unrelated on LoopNet this afternoon when I came across this: The family trying to sell the former St. John's United Methodist Church on East Side Avenue has come off its asking price of $2.4 million, mentioned in The News back in February. It's now quite the bargain at $1,949,000. And to think: It initially went on the market at $3.1 million.

The old East Grand Baptist
The old East Grand Baptist

But it's not the only beautiful, iconic church for sale: The Ross Avenue Wedding Chapel is also listed on LoopNet for $2,280,000. Which is a bargain compared to the $3,350,000 asking price for yet another estimable and historic house of worship I had no idea was on the market: the old East Grand Baptist Church, which, says Realtor Don Farmer at Service Realty, has been available for several months with a few nibbles from churches and schools but no bites.

Originally, he says, it was to be part of the St. Luke Community United Methodist Church expansion during Zan Holmes's tenure as pastor. But when he stepped down, those plans were shelves in favor of downsizing, and the church -- which is said to be 99 years old and has a cavernous sanctuary illuminated by the original stained-glass windows -- is used only for a "bread-basket" food operation and Boy Scout troop meetings. Can't beat the location, either -- right across the street from Samuell-Grand and Tenison Park.

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