A Glorypark-ing Garage. Two, Actually.

A Glorypark-ing Garage. Two, Actually.

Below you'll find the lawsuit an architectural firm and a construction company filed today against Tom Hicks, Steiner + Associated and pretty much everyone in the upper management at the Texas Rangers over the so-very-dead Glorypark development, which was to devour 75 acres next to the Ballpark in Arlington. According to the suit, the construction company actually did some work on the project: The precast concrete pieces intended for two parking garages have been laid to rest somewhere in a Central Texas pasture, waiting for someone to put them together as though they a Lego set's bricks and beams.

And what does two disassembled parking garages look like? This, pretty much. Value: $4 million. Craigslist? More pics follow. Very arty. Desolate. Linear. Expensive. Needs a title.

Update at 4:26 p.m.: Rick Erickson at LeMaster Group sent the following response to this morning's lawsuit:

Hicks Holdings and related entities have not yet been served, and we cannot respond to the specifics in the lawsuit at this time. However, it is important to note that Hicks Holdings was an investor, not a guarantor, in Glorypark Town Center, LP. In fact, Hicks Holdings is the largest creditor to the Glorypark partnership. Steiner + Associates was the Glorypark developer. Therefore most of the issues we understand are raised in the lawsuit should be addressed to Steiner.
A Glorypark-ing Garage. Two, Actually.
A Glorypark-ing Garage. Two, Actually.

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