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Daniel Jaramillo

A Gun-Waving Dallas Man Demanded Discount on Hustle Gang Shirt, Got Arrested Instead

If you simply must have an authentic Hustle Gang T-shirt but can't afford the $50 price tag, and if you aren't put off by criminal activity, shoplifting isn't a horrible option. If properly executed, a surprise grab-and-run operation, much like this 300-pound dude carried out at Mockingbird Station's Victoria's Secret in February, gives a decent chance of escaping with the loot.

But concocting such a plan, as stupid and rudimentary as it is, requires at least a flicker of reason, which 20-year-old Daniel Jarmaillo does not appear to possess.

According to Dallas police, Jaramillo entered the Webb Chapel location of DK Foot & Casual on Wednesday afternoon. He selected a T-shirt, took it to the sales counter, and threatened the clerks with a gun. His demand? A discount.

One of the clerks told Unfair Park that the man was hard to understand but that "made a lot of emphasis on getting a discount" while waving around a handgun. The clerk remembered the shirt as a Hustle Gang number that retails for $50.

It's not clear how large of a discount Jaramillo was demanding, though it's inconsequential at this point. Jaramillo was arrested for aggravated robbery and taken to Lew Sterrett, where he remains, presumably in a shirt he can't stand.

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