This man will crush you if you mess with the Barnett Shale.

A Lawsuit Over the Barnett Shale -- Look Out, Tommy Lee Jones!

Dallas-based ICC Energy Corp. sued Oklahoma City-based Chesapeake Energy Corp. in Dallas district court yesterday. Why come? Alleges today's media release from the law firm repping ICC Enegy, "Chesapeake reneged on a commitment to partner with ICC Energy on the marketing of gas from the Barnett Shale at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport." ICC, based on Market Street, is a minority-owned business and alleges a whole mess of mess -- mostly, that Chesapeake lost it $3 million at DFW by pulling a "bait & switch." All I know is, you start fighting over the Barnett Shale, you risk making Tommy Lee Jones very, very, very angry. --Robert Wilonsky


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