This wonderful old Kip's Big Boy stood at Northwest Highway and Hillcrest Road till 7-Eleven tore it down to make way for...a strip mall. Awesome.

A Little Slice of Heaven

Yesterday I drove by the empty corner at Northwest Highway and Hillcrest Road, where EZ Burger stood till 7-Eleven tore down the landmark former home of Kip's Big Boy to build a different 7-Eleven. There's a sign there announcing a forthcoming retail development; seemed a little small for something big, as promised, but what do I know? Well, a lot more now: This morning I spotted this exclusive from regarding the Preston Hollow gold, in which it says these are the plans for the property: "35,000 [square feet] of street retail, several floors of class A office space and underground parking. Under the existing zoning, the developer is limited to a four-story building, but a variance request always remains an option." Local developer PRG Realty Partners LP confirms it's under contract to buy the land--only a few months after acquiring a 39,520 square-foot site adjacent to the Katy Trail, where it plans to build a condo-office tower overlooking downtown. In related news, I have to get someone out to look at the foundation. --Robert Wilonsky


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