A Note About Comments

A Note About Comments

This is a thing: The Observer has ended its relationship with LiveFyre, the commenting platform our readers have been dutifully using and bitching about for a while now. We're searching for a new platform to spark and support the debate that occurs beneath many of our stories, which is great news. But we don't have one yet. So, starting tomorrow, we will use Facebook's commenting platform. You can see it in action at ESPN.com. Or on Facebook!

This means, as I understand it, the death of many clever usernames and anonymity. (It does not, thankfully, mean that comments left on our Facebook page will be imported here.) We hope you'll use your/someone's/a Facebook account to interact with our writers and stories the same way many of you have for years, going back to a previous commenting platform whose name my brain has miraculously purged. If you've interacted anonymously and aren't ready to lift the veil, we hope you'll find us on Twitter, or at the mall or something.

If you have any questions, leave them in the — er, maybe email me?


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