A Whoozie to the Whatsis?

A Whoozie to the Whatsis?

Till there's fresh meat, courtesy tonight's Mavs-Hornet's Game 2 tipoff set for 6 p.m. , plenty of folks are still gnawing on Saturday night's leftovers. The question remains, apparently: Should Dirk Nowitzki have socked David West, after the Hornet stung Dirk with a love tap, or did he do the right thing by turning the other cheek? Henry Abbott and his readers, most of whom brand it a "non-issue," have plenty to say over on TrueHoop. Charles Barkley, of course, thought Dirk shoulda knocked "the hell out of" West. But, really, the most over-the-top comment comes courtesy former Los Angeles Laker Michael Cooper, who offers, ahem, "Coop's Scoop" on KABC-Channel 7 in L.A., where he's set to coach the WNBA Sparks. Like, really? --Robert Wilonsky

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