AA Raises Fares, But, Really, What's Another Twenty Bucks Among Friends?

We get our entry in the now-regular Ask American Airlines Spokesbot Tim Wagner series early this week, as news arrives this morning of AA's fare increase on all domestic flights. Due to rising fuel costs, Tim tells the Associated Press, the Fort Worth-based carrier is hiking its U.S. ticket prices by $20 -- it began doing so on some flights Friday night, actually, and spread the hike across all domestic routes Saturday. Then again, American isn't alone, as US Airways, United Airlines, Delta and Continental have all raised their fares as well this morning to follow American's lead. So, my question this morning: How was your weekend, Tim? --Robert Wilonsky

Update: At 10:30 this morning, Tim sent word he's in a meeting for the next hour. But for those so interested, he adds, "I can respond to blog questions for the rest of the afternoon." Line 'em up.


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