An ATF agent examines one of the "lowers" found among Eric Williams possessions.
An ATF agent examines one of the "lowers" found among Eric Williams possessions.

Accused Kaufman DA Killer Eric Williams Had an Incredible Arsenal

Stacks of cash, an arsenal of guns and ammo and homemade bombs were among the items investigators seized from the home and storage locker belonging to former Kaufman County Justice of the Peace Eric Williams, a witnesse testified in the second day of Williams' trial for the murder of Cynthia McLelland.

McLelland, the wife of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland, was shot to death in her home alongside her husband over Easter weekend in 2013, weeks after prosecutor Mark Hasse was gunned down on the streets blocks from the Kaufman County Courthouse in January 2013. Prosecutors say the murders were the result of a revenge plot concocted by Williams, who had been charged with the theft of county computers by McLelland's office.

Tuesday's witnesses included Scott Hunt, who was in the Texas Guard with Williams and one of the FBI agents tasked with cataloging all of the cash, weapons and survival gear Williams had piled up in his house and storage locker before the killings.

Hunt's testimony boiled down to recounting a series of weird emails -- Williams wrote Hunt of "keeping [his] head down until the artillery barrage ends on my end and "staying in [his] foxhole" -- with Williams that set up an even weirder lunch in January 2014 at the Angry Dog. At lunch, Williams asked Scott if he could help him get rid of an "upper" from an automatic fire arm. The upper portion of assault rifles like the ones owned by Williams is required to trace the weapon.

Then came the description of Williams' gear from the special agent:

The capital murder trial in the death of Cynthia McLelland is being carried live, this KTVT feed is the best we've found today. Trials in the murders of Hasse and Mike McLelland will come later, assuming Williams doesn't not receive a guilty verdict and death sentence in first.


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