Act Fast, Because I Have an Extra Copy of Epic Swindle, That Book About Hicks and Liverpool

From the back cover of An Epic Swindle
From the back cover of An Epic Swindle

Took a couple of weeks, but I just received my copy of  An Epic Swindle: 44 Months With a Pair of Cowboys, Daily Mirror columnist Brian Reade's just-published-in-the-U.K. 338-page recap of Tom Hicks' disastrous run as co-owner of Liverpool FC. So far, so good, though I feel like I've already lived this story. And only yesterday, at the Half-Price mothership, I found Into The Red: Liverpool FC And The Changing Face Of English Football. Think I'll begin at the end.

But here's the thing. Amazon UK sent two copies -- billed me for two, too. No big. We're happy to provide one Reds-loving, or Hicks-hating, Friend of Unfair Park with a tome. First one to complete this sentence in the comments wins the book: "Blow me _________."

But you gotta come up to Unfair Park HQ by noon tomorrow to collect. Otherwise, next person down gets it, and so on and so forth. And...go.

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