Actual Cubbies Love Cubes

Over the weekend, Jan Hubbard found plenty of Chicago Cubs praying Mark Cuban will become the team's next owner -- unless I misunderstood first baseman Derrek Lee's pronouncement, "I hope he gets the team." John Cusack was a little more skeptical: "I think what he has to do is convince Chicago that he would never mess around with the fundamentals of Wrigley Field as far as changing it or do anything to mess with tradition. And I think if he can convince people of that, he will be a great owner." Then again, he doesn't seem to have remembered much about his hometown, so, really, grain of salt, Lloyd. On a separate but very related note, I discovered this Web site: Cuban and the Cubs, which had Merten singing "Bennie and the Jets," which I now can't get out of my head, thanks. --Robert Wilonsky - Watch more free videos


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