Adios, Ameriquest Field

A few moments ago, a Friend of Unfair Park called our attention to Richard Durrett's posting on The Dallas Morning News' Texas Rangers blog, specifically the item about how Ameriquest Field is now the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. But, see, what got our Friend really interested was the way in the item had been edited. Seems that when it originally went on the blog a few minutes ago, it said this:

"Ameriquest Field is now the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, according to a club official. The change of name was based on Ameriquest's parent company closing call centers and loan centers and making employee cuts. More to come later."

Now, it says this:

"Rangers president Jeff Cogen said the club talked to Ameriquest last year about getting the name of the ballpark back from them and that the company wasn't interested. But when the club and Ameriquest talked this year, an agreement was reached."

There is also a quote from Cogen. Adds our Friend: "I guess they they didn't like Durret's line about Ameriquest (subprime loan, anyone?) having problems, and they pulled it. Hah!" Well, either that, or Durrett was just wrong, and Cogen set him straight. Me, I'm just glad it's back to the Ballpark in Arlington. Because not once did I ever utter the words "Ameriquest Field." Ever. --Robert Wilonsky


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