Alex Jones Sics His Followers on The News, Demands Retraction

Alex Jones

Dallas-born, Austin-based Alex Jones -- the gravely voiced conspiracy theorist behind Infowars and this interview with Mark Stepnoski -- has turned his attention toward Dallas' Only Daily, which, he insists, libeled him yesterday in a posting by WBAP-AM (820)'s Mark Davis. Davis, who contributes to the paper's op-ed page, is sending in regular dispatches from the Democratic National Convention in Denver, and yesterday The Dallas Morning News' Mike Hashimoto posted a piece in which Davis reported that Jones confronted conservative columnist Michelle Malkin during a protest and shouted, "Kill Michelle Malkin!" Wrote Davis:

In shouting 'Kill Michelle Malkin!' at a protest yesterday, he reveals himself to be not just a dismissible loon, but a despicable soul whom I would identify as a blight on my industry if I actually considered him to be a part of it.

Only, Jones' site says he did no such thing and that the posting's just " a neocon dirty trick ." This morning, he's posted two videos of the confrontation and is demanding his fans and followers phone the paper to demand, at the very least, a retraction. If nothing else, it should be tons of fun answering phones on Young Street today. --Robert Wilonsky

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