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All About Me

Live your fairy tale: It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant some people can actually be. My wife and I have been homeschooling (not unschooling) our children for three years ("Wild Child," by Glenna Whitley, October 27). I have known from the beginning that the very rights that grant us the ability to give our children a much better education are the same rights that allow parents to take their children out of school and neglect their education. Unschooling is a type of moral ignorance that causes honest, forthright homeschooling parents grief.

We seem to be going backward in our society. No spanking, don't tell your children no, no God in any form, no abstinence...not just sexual but everything. It is all about ME. Society "owes" me. These attitudes will only be allowed to last a short time. Eventually those abused freedoms that we all share will be taken. My children will be left with a substandard education because of this kind of stupidity. When the state or government has taken enough heat because of this nonsense, they will take over. Then what? They will, as they always do, go overboard and complicate everything to the point that you are forced to put your children in substandard public schools. Need I say that you will no longer be able to teach God at home or refuse to teach about homosexuality or any other politically correct secular blather that makes up the very reasons we all started homeschooling to begin with.


Readers respond to "Wild Child," "The Dallas Donuts," "Rich Kids Behaving Badly," and "Mapesgate"

It is proven that children are capable of learning at an enormous rate. This begins to taper from the very first breath they take. But by all means, make sure your child does what he wants. Teach him that everything in life revolves around him/her. You should not be held accountable for your decisions or actions. Live your fairy tale. For every success story you tell me, I can show you a thousand failures of that school of thought.

Shannon Graham


Easy on Erick

Doubt is contagious: Ease up on Erick Dampier ("The Dallas Donuts," by Richie Whitt, November 3). Maybe he didn't have a great season, but he showed some real potential. Nowitzki froze up in the playoffs, but I still believe in him. I thought the route to success for a pro athlete was to go out there thinking you are the best. If Shaq wasn't so damn lovable, he wouldn't get away with half the fouls he gets away with now in the ultra-subjective NBA foul system. If Shaq was a foot shorter, he couldn't compete in the WNBA because he hasn't learned how to shoot after 13 years in the NBA. The Dampier article isn't what's really making me mad, though. It's the way our local media routinely plant seeds of doubt in our local heroes' abilities at the start of each season. "Parcells is sucking!" The Cowboys have more potential this year than they've had in a while. All I'm saying is that doubt, like confidence, can spread like an epidemic.

Brandon Lee


HP, Blah, Blah

Young and stupid: Aside from the typical Highland Park stereotype, have you found anything unique about these high schoolers? ("Rich Kids Behaving Badly," by Andrea Grimes, November 3) I found the adolescent "debauchery" of the Parkie youth to be uninteresting. Kids will be kids, even when their parents do tend to have a larger income than others. Hell, you're still a kid yourself...are you that far separated from high school already? Take Highland Park out of the article, and you've described high school anywhere in America. Kids acting young and foolish, experimenting with alcohol, etc. Then college comes for many, and things snowball into a far greater mess.

Rob Henry

Lawrence, Kansas

Robbed by Robin Hood: I found Andrea Grimes' perceptions of Highland Park and the people there a regrettable host of generalities. My wife volunteers in the lunch room and other activities to save money because 70 percent of the district's money goes to Robin Hood. I'm curious about the concept that you all have--the masses should be supported by someone else. It's not working in Europe. Unemployment there is in the teens. The respective governments support everyone that's not working. Is that the climate you would create here--teach our children to depend on someone else for everything? My daughter and her friends all go to church on Sunday. They are involved in school activities, clubs, etc. because we are there for them. The only difference between you and me is that I am willing to work my ass off to support my family.

Robert Rounsavall


Hiding in Plain View

Fake, fake, fake: If Mr. Schutze had bothered himself to research those who had worked to expose Mapes' documents as fake ("Mapesgate," by Jim Schutze, November 10), he would have realized that these people were not anonymous or hiding behind the Internet. The names are out there for everyone to see, and I'm certain Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs (the blogger who typed the Mapes documents into Microsoft Word and came up with an exact match) would have been overjoyed to give an interview. After Jim Schutze's defense of Mary Mapes, how can I look at any of his work and not wonder if he uses the same standards for evidence as he did with Mrs. Mapes?

Dwayne Burnette

Valley Center, Kansas


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