All The Sound and The Fury From Yesterday's City Council Debate Over Redistricting

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Anna told you all about how fugly it got 'round the horseshoe Wednesday afternoon and evening

before the council finally voted, 9-6, to send a new map of districts to the Department of Justice. But many have asked to see the whole debate -- or, at least, what happened after Mayor Mike Rawlings took Tennell Atkins and Delia Jasso into a room at around 3:45 to hash out what the mayor deemed a compromise based on the concerns of, among others, Scott Griggs, who was left out of the meeting (the mayor later insisted he didn't know Griggs wanted to be included).

What you see above is the discussion that took place after that meeting. After the jump is the final overheated two-hour debate that began once the council returned from its final timeout at 6:31, called when the mayor decided Griggs needed more time to look at the map. It's long, yes, but also riveting.

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