An Arlington Kroger Manager Was Fired For Body-Slamming a Shoplifter [Video]

Kroger, according to the wisdom of online shoplifting forums, doesn't have a firm "no-chase" policy, at least not one that's routinely heeded. Leave the store without paying, and you may well have a store manager on your tail.

Claude Medlock did. The 51-year-old -- a seasoned veteran of taking other people's stuff, with a long rap sheet of robbery and theft convictions -- was confronted in the parking lot of an Arlington Kroger by a store manager.

It did not end well for Medlock. The manager slammed the alleged shoplifter into a car, disarmed him of a knife, then body-slammed him on the pavement. All captured on video.

It didn't end well for the manager, either. Kroger fired him, telling Fox 4 that his actions were "not a reflection of our company's fraud prevention, protocol, procedures or training."

Did the manager deserve to be fired? There's room for debate, but we'll venture a no. We'd reserve punishment for the woman filming the whole thing in portrait mode. Just turn your phone sideways, people.

Here's the Fox 4 story:

Dallas News |

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