An Early Look at Gary Cole Trashing the Elbow Room From This Friday Night's Good Guys

I finally watched Friday's Good Guys last night, and the missus was not pleased. "Still?" she said. " Really? " Civic pride, I guess. I shrugged. She rolled her eyes and went to watch Jets-Vikings in another room. Far as you know. Anyway. There was one upshot to fast-forwarding through the ep -- a brief teaser for this week's show, which introduces us to Frank Savage, the oft-talked-about ex-partner of Bradley Whitford's Dan Stark. Finally . Right, Howard?

Still, I'd hoped Frank's appearance would be in flashback form -- a clip from Savage and Stark , maybe. Not so much. It's present-day stuff, with Rachael Harris apparently reprising her role from The Hangover . Whatever. It's Gary Cole. That'll do. I'm in for at least one more week. Now back to these TPS reports ...

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