An F5 Destroys Dallas, One in a Series

Every now and then folks like to subject Dallas to an F5 tornado for the sake of a terrifying what-if short film. The first in line remains the best: the Discovery Channel's Perfect Disaster "Supertornado" episode, which is only missing Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton; if that's what'll happen to the Ballpark in Arlington, imagine what fate awaits Jerry Jones's EnormDome. The Weather Channel also did its part a while back -- turns out, those downtown tunnels may be good for something after all.

As mentioned last week, the American Red Cross-Dallas Area Chapter debuted its 18-minute what-if, F5, last Thursday. A technical glitch delayed the Friday morning posting; they finally got it on YouTube last night in two parts. Here's Part One; the second half's after the jump. And while not the special effects bonanza of Discovery's Disaster, well, that wasn't the point. But it does feature the requisite angsty garage-band teen.


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