It's been real. It's been fun. But it hasn't been ... has it?
It's been real. It's been fun. But it hasn't been ... has it?

An Ode to Jesse Holley

In a word: Seeyalater.

I get lots of emails and/or phone calls urging me to root for reality-show winner Jesse Holley to make the Dallas Cowboys' roster. In the name of Rudy, Rocky and Vince Paple, don't I believe in feel-good, underdog miracles?!

In the movies, absolutely. In the NFL, um, notsamuch.

My suggestion to you skewed-reality dreamers is to TiVo tomorrow night's Cowboys-Vikings' pre-season finale. With the starters safely in bubble-wrap, it'll be the Rudy Carpenter-to-Holley show. Enjoy.

Nothing against Holley-Wood personally. He's a nice, polite kid with some talent. But those, frankly, are a dime a million in the NFL.

He hasn't been an embarrassment since winning Michael Irvin's 4th & Long. Likewise, he hasn't shown anything - 1 catch (which he bobbled off his facemask) for 9 yards - special to prompt Dallas to consider him for the final 53-man roster. Practice squad? Maybe, but he's no Kevin Ogletree, that much is clear.

In the end, as most of us suspected, Holley isn't a professional football player. He only played one on TV.

We now return to your regularly scheduled fantasy, dipped in winning lottery tickets, genies wafting out of bottles and a uniformed Richard Gere swooning in to the factory. 


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