And Now, Our Best App Ever: The "Best Of" App

Allow me to introduce you to The Company's Best Of app for the iPhone, which has just launched to great acclaim. Long story short: Need to know best place to get a strong drink? Done . Best convenience store in which to eat a meatball sub? Boom . Best record store? Click . Download from the iTunes store. Right now. It's not even behind a pay wall.

And before you jump into the comments wondering where your Android app is, it's coming -- April, so "they" say. Or, hell, just go here on your desktop or mobile device.

Incidentally, it's not merely an at-the-touch-of-your-finger recap of the Dallas Observe r's most recent Best of Dallas issue, but a compilation of 32 cities' best-ofs -- from Atlanta and Austin to Washington, D.C. Says the memo from the boss: more than 10,000 to-dos from which to choose. So it's perfect for you, glamorous traveler. You too, person who never travels outside the 635 loop.

The perfect companion to our calendar app . And happy hour app .

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