And So It Begins

A traffic heads-up for tomorrow: Unless you're planning on protesting George W. Bush's move to the '229, you may want to avoid Mockingbird Lane at N. Central Expressway between the hours of 4 and 7 p.m. That's when Code Pink of Greater Dallas is planning on celebrating Inauguration Day by holding a "No War Criminals in my Neighborhood!" rally because, well, "It doesn't seem right that a 'war criminal' will be moving into our neighborhood on Jan, 21, 2008."

It was either that or set up a lemonade stand at Daria Drive and Meaders Lane, like the savvy young businessmen over the weekend pocketing a few bucks off the parade of rubberneckers trying to outrun the gate. Seriously? It was like Christmas in Highland Park. Only busier.


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