And the Dumbest Move of the Day Goes To ...
Danny Bollinger

And the Dumbest Move of the Day Goes To ...

1. The Texas Rangers trading Kevin Millwood for Chris Ray, then pursuing Rich Harden and Mike Lowell.

2. Dallas Mavericks' forward Tim Thomas getting involved in a debacle at Denny's.

3. Your Dallas Cowboys considering Tony Romo as their new/old holder.

The winner, obviously, is No. 3.

Yeah they're injured, injury-prone and old, but the Rangers are getting Ray and Harden for less than Millwood's salary and Lowell has World Series rings. Millwood was just kinda, I dunno, y-a-w-n.

Sounds like Thomas didn't play a big part in the skirmish. And from watching the "victim" on Fox4 last night, not sure he was physically effected at all. Looks like when your lips get chapped and you - ouch - peel a little skin off.

As for the Cowboys, really? The best solution to your kicking problem is to return to your biggest gaffe of the decade? I'm sure Romo's a great holder. You can say he's only messed up one time. And I'll say it was a huuuuuge one time. As in, without his botched hold in Seattle we wouldn't be talking about December demons or 13-year playoff droughts. Seriously, is holding that difficult?

Maybe it's me, but if the Giants have a last-minute lead against the Eagles Sunday night at The Meadowlands does New York call in Joe Pisarcik to execute a simple hand-off?


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