Another Reason Why Flying is Awesome

Another Reason Why Flying is Awesome

The Associated Press conducted a poll earlier this week to find out folks' "least-liked federal agencies," and near the very tippy-top of the list was ... the Transportation Security Administration. Turns out, air travelers aren't terribly delighted with the job airport screeners are doing -- and it goes much further than making me toss out that not-inexpensive 2.5-ounce container of travel shaving cream for no apparent reason two months ago, awesome. The AP got its hands on some TSA complaints filed with the agency in September, and among the abbreviated stack the AP was allowed to review was this one:

Take, for example, a mother and daughter traveling out of the Dallas/Fort Worth airport on Sept. 4. In an e-mailed complaint to TSA, the mother said the TSA screener was rude and inconsiderate. While she was in secondary screening, the mother was made to face away from her daughter. "Someone could have taken my daughter," the woman wrote. "I understand you have to have security, but your people don't need to be rude!!!"

Problem solved: Ma'am, here's your form letter, move along. --Robert Wilonsky


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