George Gillett, left, and Tom Hicks in happier times -- like, a year ago

Apparently, George Gillett Did Not Choose His Partner, Tom Hicks, Wisely

George Gillett, of course, is co-owner of Liverpool FC with Tom Hicks -- they're partners, 50-50, all things being equal. And Gillett, also the owner of the Montreal Canadiens, would like to put an end to that: He had plans to sell his stake in the football team to Dubai International Capital, which was then going to sell 1 percent back to Hicks, so he'd have majority control. Only Hicks killed that deal earlier this week, claiming he wasn't interested in operating the team by committee, as DIC had wanted.

Gillett, who isn't nearly as hated by Anfield supporters as Hicks is, hasn't said much about his partnership with Hicks -- till now. And it still ain't much, but last night, Gillett was asked about his relationship with Hicks. Gillett said he once got great advice, which, apparently, he now wishes he had followed: "Choose your partner wisely." Nonetheless, Gillett said of Hicks, "He is a great guy -- but he has just got a different perspective on the media." We still have pretty much the same perspective on Tom Hicks, however. --Robert Wilonsky


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