Arlington Takes One More Thing From Dallas (and Fort Worth): The TABC!

Carolyn Beck, the director of Communications and Governmental Relations at the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, sends word: The Fort Worth outpost of the TABC is shutting down today and reopening on Tuesday in Arlington at 2225 E. Randol Mill Road. Also getting adiosed immediately: the Dallas Licensing Division on Stemmons Freeway and Enforcement Captain Charlie Cloud's offices, which will also moved to Arlington next week, though TABC is keeping some licensing folks around for a few weeks in case folks turning in applications don't get the heads-up.

Beck says that the entirety of the Dallas office on Stemmons is getting shut down about a year from now, which means Dallas will be left without a single TABC compliance or enforcement officer in the 214. The reason: "more space and cheaper rent," says Beck, simple as that. "And Arlington is central to the whole area, and it'll be more efficient."

So, I had to ask: This have anything to do with ... ya know?

"No," she says. "This is not a Rainbow Lounge or Dallas Eagle deal."


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