Art Conspiracy 7, In Less Than Three Minutes

Over on The Mixmaster yesterday, Leslie recapped Saturday night's Art Conspiracy jam, the seventh annual auction benefiting a worthy local cause (this year's was Musical Angels, which provides piano lessons to hospitalized children). No doubt they raised a ginormous pile of cash; prices got high in a hurry this year, and every piece I had my eye on went for a small fortune before I could raise my hand. That, and I had a feeling that purple painting of the Trans-Am riding a rainbow wasn't going to hang in the den.

Here's our slide show, but for those wanting to relive the night in a West Dallas warehouse, and for those wondering what the fuss, here's a freshly minted video recap. And, yes, Cabe Booth's Bill Murray did elicit quite the bidding frenzy on its way to being sold for $1,300.


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