As Ever, the Pride of Dallas. Now, on HBO.

Mentioned a couple of months back that Elvis Mitchell was in town interviewing T.D. Jakes for his talkumentary The Black List: Volume Two, a sequel to last year's star-studded Volume One that aired on HBO following its Sundance bow. Volume Two debuts on February 26 -- and it'll actually contain two locals, with country great and longtime North Dallas resident Charley Pride joining a roster that also includes Laurence Fishburne, Melvin Van Peebles, Tyler Perry, Angela Davis and The RZA. Pride, who never misses a Rangers spring training and who can occasionally be found 'round a poker table at Brookhaven Country Club, is a welcome and more than worthy addition to the roster, as you'll discover in my old friend Zac Crain's terrific profile of Pride published upon the occasion of his 70th birthday last year.


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