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"Ask a Mexican," by Gustavo Arellano, September 17

Repatriate with a vengeance

Our Mexican visitors come to Dallas to work, get free education for their kids and free medical help from out candy-ass hospitals who refuse to bill them. Yet, there is a silver lining to their visits. They can go to our gun shows and get armed for their periodic returns to Mexico. Ninety-eight percent of these visitors are only interested in self and family protection. I am reminded of history. Pancho Villa did not get his guns from Mexico, but from good old boys who sold them to him in the U.S. of A. Maybe with their new power, these visitors can go home in safety and remind those greedy people in Mexico that family starvation is not fair or humane for such a wealthy country as Mexico with all of its oil and mining wealth. Time will tell, but I'd bet that change will come sooner rather than later. Those few who own the most riches may have trouble sleeping at night.



Winston Smith, via

"Buzz," by Jim Schutze, September 17

No worries for the tall

Jim, speculating that a rainstorm will drown us is irresponsible. Please understand the lesson of New Orleans. It is important to consider the depth of the water only when it is over your head. Other than that, the only consideration required is how fast to move ahead.

Wick, via

Well, if the levees fail, won't that protect the road between them from flooding? Maybe this is all part of a clever plan to make the insurance companies rebuild downtown.

Sperry, via

"Death Becomes Him," by Kimberly Thorpe, September 3

Props for teacher

I am a student of John Beckwith Jr. and one of his close friends. I was taught by him during mortuary college and after. I own my own funeral homes in Little Rock, Arkansas, and a large part of my success is due to being taught by and the relationship I share with John Jr.

Derrick Gunn from Little Rock,via

"Addition by Subtraction," by Richie Whitt, September 17

missing Terrell

How's that working out for you now? Roy Williams is obviously not ready to be a No. 1, and Tony Romo, while fine against weak and rebuilding teams like the Bucs, will choke every time he's in a big game.

Case in point: opening night loss at Jerry World. LOL. Yeah, I'm sooooo sure it was all T.O.'s fault.

Mike from Dallas, via

You have an uncanny ability to make me hate you more and more with each shittily written article. There is no possible way you ever attended an English, journalism or writing class in your life.

It's only been one game, you doddering fuckhead. You belong at The Fan. You are a perfect fit there.

It's only one game, dumb fuck, via

"Jumbo Jerry," by Richie Whitt, September 10

Everything's Bigger in Texas

Hey, maybe when the Arlington schoolkids are at the new coliseum, basking in the glorious presence of our former Lord Emperor Bush, they could take a few minutes to play Obama's school speech up on the big Screen-o-Tron. Certainly the screen's magnificent glow would enrapture the children with liberal ideals of "stay in school" and "set goals for yourself."

Big club for big ol' boys with big ol' pockets all filled with money...congrats.

Dave from Dallas, via

Splendid article. I've never loved Jerry Jones. But then again, I've never seem him examined like this. Very clever profile. Thank you.

William B. from Allen, via


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