Ask a Mexican: Discrimination, Lard and Beans, Straight From the Heart of Texas

Dear Mexican: When are the racial minorities going to give up la causa? We have a black man for el presidente, and as a white middle-aged male, I couldn't be happier. I have been hearing all of my life about how oppressed the racial minorities have been and what needs to be done with society to finally recognize Martin Luther King's dream of people being judged by the content of their character, rather than by the color of their skin. I say that Barack Obama's election has finally brought us to the place where all discrimination can end. Everyone needs to stop using what some people's illiterate ancestors did to someone else's illiterate ancestors as an excuse to justify further discrimination. No more excuses. Everyone, regardless of color needs to pull together to make this a better place, and continuing to look for special dispensation through any mechanism that uses race as a deciding factor (e.g. any type of racial quota, or a Supreme Court justice being chosen based on race) is in my opinion the largest racial wrong that we are currently promoting.

What we can do, though, is move forward in a way that does not favor or disfavor anyone based upon the color of their skin. Discrimination is always wrong, and there is no valid justification for it. Comprende? COLOR BLIND IN KATY

Dear Gabacho: When will "racial minorities" give up la causa? When supposedly color-blind gabachos like yourself learn that the saying is ¿comprendes, Mendes? and stop with the bullshit Mock Spanish. Comprende-o?


Ask a Mexican

Why do Mexicans put lard in their beans? I don't know any fit 'n' trim Mexicans. Even the skinny ones have a lil' belly. I just made some excellent refried beans with Goya extra virgin olive oil and butter. Just wondering. SKINNY WHITEBOY VEGETARIAN FROM DALLAS WHO LOVES HEALTHY TEX-MEX

Dear Gabacho: Because manteca is good. Also? Lard is healthier than butter, so while you may be skinny, guarantee you won't outlive our abuelitas, who love their lard late into their 90s.


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