At the Section 8 Anniversary Shindig, It Was All Hands on Deck. Even the Infected Ones.

More than a year after an accident left improv comedian Mark Orvik with a nasty infection that has yet to fully heal, he and Section 8 are celebrating their 10th anniversary of "fast-paced, in your face, rock 'n' roll comedy" with shows at Ozona Grill and Bar. The first was last night; there's another on Friday.

Orvik's still recovering from an internal infection caused by a ruptured bowel, so Tuesday afternoon found him relaxing ahead of the first of the two shows. As he looks forward to a June surgery aimed at finally restoring his health  -- "I'm gonna come out bulletproof with a robot arm!" -- he's trying to take it easy. "I'm having a good week right now, which is pretty cool," he said. "If I can just get through to 11 tonight, I'm good."

He seemed to do just fine. He and the rest of the Section 8 crew -- including Noted Regional Comedian Dave Little -- drew constant laughter from the some 60 fans gathered in Ozona's back room. Comedy's never an easy thing to recap, especially when it's improv-flavored; you just had to be there, and can be Friday night. That said, Orvik, who isn't supposed to exert himself, made a cameo as an electric-guitar-playing angel during a "Devil Went Down to Georgia" dance-off featuring Chris Rager as The Lord of the Dance and Josh Martin as The Lord Jesus Christ.

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