BCS Playoffs: Quarterfinals/Semifinals

BCS Playoffs: Quarterfinals/Semifinals

See, that's the problem with the current bowl system. Even though they're 12-0 and good enough to beat any team in the nation, a TCU team playing for nothing but a bag of Tostitos shows up unmotivated and loses, 17-10, in the Fiesta Bowl.

If last night's game was a BCS quarterfinal, mind you, the Horned Frogs play different and play better. But, alas, we're stuck with a screwy system that rewards 68 teams with bowl bids and only one game that matters: Texas vs. Alabama Thursday night for the National Championship.

As we continue our mythical playoffs, however, Longhorns' fans are gonna be none too happy.

While Georgia Tech upsets Cincinnati to meet top-seeded Alabama in one semifinal, Oregon outlasts TCU in the other bracket to face ... 

Ohio State.

Sorry, but our combination of computer simulations, late-night PS3 battles and paper-rock-scissors duels has Colt McCoy throwing three interceptions in Texas' upset loss to Coach SweaterVest and the Buckeyes.

Alabama vs. Georgia Tech and Ohio State vs. Oregon.

I'm still watching. You?

In the semifinals, the Crimson Tide rolls the Yellow Jackets while Ohio State squeaks past the Ducks, kinda like they did in the Rose Bowl.

Texas may be a better team, but in this one-and-done format the 'Horns will be spectators for our National Championship Game:

Alabama vs. Ohio State.

Stay tuned.


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