Because, Look, Mayor Tom Wants It All

Your suggestions for our Tom Leppert poster were, for the most part, undeniably strong, to the point where there's been much bickering amongst Unfair Parkers today concerning the winning choice. There are four clear front-runners: "RAZE," "SPEND," "ERECT" and "HOTEL." (Other personal favorites: "COPE," "MARCH," "DINERO" and "LEGACY.")

But, if you'll notice in the comments, a late favorite emerged -- the only word to have received three endorsements, and the only one we considered, well, definitive (as opposed to, say, derogatory). And we've built a poster around that particular word; it's after the jump. But, as with the original Shepard Fairey poster, we will indeed create alternates built around at least four of the suggestions above, which means the Friends who first suggested them will each receive, as promised, their 13-by-19-inch archival print suitable for framing. Stickers and T-shirts are in the works; so, so proud. So, for now, our first poster, but not our last. --Robert Wilonsky

Because, Look, Mayor Tom Wants It All

As the man says: "MORE hotels! MORE demolition! MORE bridges! MORE cranes! MORE power! But most of all, MORE money, MO' money, MO' MONEY!!!"

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