Because We Have Nothing Better to Do Than Pore Over Campaign Finance Reports

Now that you've had time to chew on our analysis of the mayoral candidates' fund-raising prowess, we thought it was time to take a quick look-see at how the city council races are shaping up. Unfortunately, eight candidates still haven't filed their campaign finance reports online as of 2 p.m., so we'll have to update accordingly.

First off, it appears as though Monica Alonzo, the sister of State Rep. Roberto Alonzo, has a significant advantage in the race for the soon-to-be-vacant District 6 seat currently occupied by longtime council member Steve Salazar. Alonzo served as Salazar's campaign manager and Park Board appointee and has his endorsement. She raised $40,000 during the reporting period that ended April 4 compared to just $4,300 for Luis Sepulveda, who served as a Dallas County justice of the peace for 10 years. A measly 1,053 votes were cast in this district two years ago.

Tea Partier Donna Starnes raised $18,000 and loaned her campaign another $10,000 in an attempt to win the District 12 seat held by mayoral candidate Ron Natinsky. Meanwhile, former term-limited city council member Sandy Greyson raised $15,000 in her bid to recapture her old seat, and DART Board member William Tsao hasn't filed yet. [Update: Tsao raised $7,700 and loaned his campaign $47,000. Two of his contributions -- $2,000 from Keh-Shew Lu and $2,000 from Felix Chen -- violate Dallas City Code, Section 15A-2, which limits donations to $1,000 per election cycle.]

Perhaps the most vulnerable incumbent is District 3's Dave Neumann, who raised $38,000 and has $83,000 in cash on hand. Challenger Scott Griggs's report isn't available.

If Neumann isn't the incumbent in the most trouble, then Carolyn Davis has to hold that title, with just $10,000 raised and $7,600 spent. She reported no money in the bank (although there has to be at least $2,400) and listed a consulting payment to Marvine [sic] Crenshaw. Casie Pierce reported $6,200 in contributions and also reported a zero balance, although she spent only $4,000 of those funds. Helen McKinney reported zero contributions but somehow managed to expense $179.73 for Stapples [sic].

After the jump, links to other posted reports.

District 2 1. Billy MacLeod: $2,000 raised, no reported balance 2. Pauline Medrano (incumbent): $19,000 raised, $15,200 balance

District 4 1. Dwaine Caraway (incumbent, unopposed): $13,500 raised (including $1,000 from Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins), no reported balance

District 9 1. Sheffie Kadane (incumbent): $27,700 raised (including $250 from state Sen. Royce West), $26,300 balance 2. Robert Foster: $0 raised 3. Kirk Launius: $45 raised, $45 balance District 10 1. Jerry Allen (incumbent): $26,400 raised, $25,340 balance, $10,000 outstanding loan 2. Cynthia Durbin: $550 raised, no reported balance

District 13 1. Ann Margolin (incumbent): $45,600 raised, $112,200 balance, $99,000 outstanding loan

District 14 1. Vernon Franko: $0 raised, no reported balance, $22,400 outstanding loan 2. James Nowlin $51,100 raised, $26,000 balance [Update: 3. Angela Hunt (incumbent): $28,700 raised, $27,000 balance] 4. Brian Oley: $1600 raised (including $1,000 from himself), $800 balance

*number next to each name represents ballot position

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