Beneath Oak Cliff, No Kidd-ing Around

Beneath Oak Cliff, No Kidd-ing Around

While I was looking for art to accompany Alexa's piece about efforts to "daylight" long-buried creeks and streams yesterday, I came across this virtual stack of photos taken by one "Ardamass" back in January during a trip down Kidd Springs in Oak Cliff. After a wee bit o' effort, I found the photographer -- promised to keep his identity a secret -- and got his permission to run this photo. We also exchanged a few messages, during which he explained the origins of his trip through the buried treasure in Oak Cliff.

I first heard about this tunnel from a friend, and after taking a look at his photos I just had to go. I love tunnels, especially the historic ones. There aren't many drains like this in the DFW area. Most drains around here are RCP, so this one, you could say it was a sight for sore eyes. You can tell how old this one must be from its construction style and the large rocks that have fallen off the walls.

I see a certain former and future Nervebreaker also took some photos down there, back in '05. I now have weekend plans.

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