Better Late Than Never, Tiger Darrow and Paul Slavens Kicked Out a Christmas Jam

Tiger Darrow
Tiger Darrow

Several Friends of Unfair Park have already requested one song for next year's Christmas special on K-Ticket: Tiger Darrow and Paul Slavens's "Santa Claus is Coming," which, per the note affixed to the Soundcloud, was finished just in time for his arrival in the wee small hours of Christmas morning. Writes Slavens: "Tiger called me about a week ago and said. 'Let's do a Christmas song together.' After a lot of feverish work I finished it at 1:30 am Christmas morning." So, see, right on time -- and, besides, it's hardly a conventional Christmas song, but, say, a transitional tune perfect for The Week In Between Holidays. Besides, it afford us room for this timely note: Darrow and Emily Elbert play the Kessler tomorrow. So, see, it's still a happy holiday.

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