Better Off Deadbeat

"Better Off Deadbeat," By Kimberly Thorpe, January 21

Stick It to the Man

The guy's a total deadbeat, but I say good for him. He's figured out a way to game the system just like the big companies and bankers. He's looking out for only himself, just like them. He's adding as much in actual value to our economy as them, with their complex little tools and schemes that produce no goods or services but just mathematically turn more money into money long enough for them to collect a bonus.


Craig Cunningham

These companies have been breaking the law and violating our rights for decades without a care in the world. Now they'll complain when this guy does the same thing? Ha. This is what America is all about now, because they made it this way.

Jay from Dallas, via

I think this guy is a very smart man. Yes, I was also taught to pay all my bills, because I made them. I worked for several major companies that my folks said would be around for life. I always thought that there would be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There wasn't, though. I put in more than 10-plus years in three big-name companies—a grand total of 30 years of hard work. Making great money then, but ended up eating only pork and beans. I wish he would have been around to help me deal with all the calls and hateful letters when I was down and out. Keep up the good work. I wish you the best.

Dan from Dallas, via

My hat is off to Craig Cunningham for standing up for consumers' rights. We must continue to be vigilant in fighting back from the very thieves that trick us into becoming dependent on their business of giving our consumers easy credit and in return charging any amount of interest on loans and credit cards. Let's keep beating them at their own game. We have got to stop this white-collar thievery.

Bighorn from Grapevine, via

Good for you, Mr. Cunningham—matching your inane business sense with inane follow-up behavior. Some of [those who] laud you seem to think you were led to the slaughter like an innocent. Sounds more like an undergraduate education and countless hours of research led you to exhibiting the same behavior as those you claim to be playing against. No wonder the economy is in the toilet. Evil bankers loaning too much money to evil people and everybody winking and nodding until, like every playground game, the friends turn rivals and begin to wring their hands and call names. I agree that the bailouts should have been accompanied by a cleanout, thoughtful and measured. But let's not ignore the fact that people willing (and eager) to borrow beyond their means also helped destroy us. I too have lost money in the last couple of years. Bad choices made on the best information I could get. The keyword being choices, ones I made and I am responsible for.

Debt collectors are scum—where's the surprise in that? For every honest person who got in trouble and is trying to dig their way out, there's two of you folk. And in the end, it's you who'll cost us our futures just as much as any bank ever did. Thanks, man.

Bartonque from Edinburgh, via

This guy is your hero because he takes out loans and maxes out credit cards with no intention of paying them back? Have you ever wondered why it's getting harder for anyone to get a loan or a credit card or a house because the banks and mortgage companies are toughening their laws? And he is your hero because he is one of the lowlifes who believe he is a victim of his own society and feels that companies that give him loans (which he never pays back) don't deserve to be paid back? And he is your hero because he would rather sit on his couch than go get a job? And he is your hero by screwing tenants and taking money from them knowing that he was going to lose his house? And he is your hero—why? I am a West Point grad (not the year he graduated), and I would like to know what duty, honor, country really means to Craig.

John from Dallas, via


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