Big 12 Football: OU over UT

Big 12 Football: OU over UT

The media hath spoken in regards to the 2010 Big 12 Conference football season and the winners are ...

Oklahoma. And Nebraska.

We'll get to the full pre-season predictions after the jump, but in picking OU over Texas in the South apparently the Big 12 media thinks Landry Jones will be a better replacement for Sam Bradford than Garrett Gilbert will be for Colt McCoy.

As usual, the October 2 Texas-OU game at the Cotton Bowl will decide the South. But the game me, you and conference commissioner Dan Beebe are all looking most forward to:

Oct. 16, Texas at Nebraska. The Cornhuskers, remember, are leaving the Big 12 after next season because, in part, they hate the Longhorns. The feeling, I predict, is mutual.

SOUTH                                 NORTH

1. OU                                   1. Nebraska

2. Texas                               2. Missouri

3. Texas A&M                       3. Kansas State

4. Texas Tech                       4. Kansas

5. Oklahoma State                 5. Colorado 

6. Baylor                               6. Iowa State


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