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Black Dallas' Powerbroker

Proud Democratic judge: In his article "Go West" (March 15), Dallas Observer writer Matt Pulle describes many members of the Dallas County Judiciary as (i) "a gaggle of anonymous and thinly qualified Democrats"; (ii) "a crew of unheralded neophytes learning every day on the job"; and (iii) as "obscure candidates" with "slim profiles." As one of these "thinly qualified neophytes" with a "slim profile" (who happened to graduate Phi Beta Kappa from Duke University and from UT Law with Honors, and who served as a briefing attorney for the Texas Court of Appeals), may I remind your readers that, as a result of the recent fall election, Dallas County has more judges who are board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, more judges who graduated from top 20 law schools and more judges who were ranked as Super Lawyers/Rising Stars by Texas Lawyer. Contrary to Mr. Pulle's suggestion that the voters merely "pulled the Democratic lever out of disgust over the war in Iraq," the voters can be proud of their efforts in improving the quality of the local judiciary.

Judge Carl Ginsberg


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193rd Judicial District Court


Inspiring guy: Teachers are supposed to inspire students. Royce West as a young student at UT-Arlington years ago inspired me as a teacher. I am a teacher at UT-Arlington and knew Royce West as a student leader and wonderful student. Long ago, he and others urged me to run for an Arlington City Council post. I lost! But even in losing it was a marvelous experience. Royce may not remember the long-past city election, but I will always remember his encouragement and steadfastness. I have had no contact with him in many years but follow his political career with pride. GO WEST!

Allan Saxe


Toadies Mayhem

Drunk as a skunk: Wow, thanks for bringing us this badass concert. I assume you're responsible, since it was the Dallas Observer's parade. One thing, you either need to stop selling so much alcohol to people who are already clearly drunk, or double security. People were getting hurt or arrested left and right. I had to keep one eye on the band and one eye on the mosh pit. I know this comes with the rock and roll territory, but I didn't pay money for tickets, drive all the way to Dallas, walk forever through crowded streets and stand in the heat to worry about getting pushed to the ground or hit in the head with God knows what. I saw people being lifted over the railing by the security guards with head wounds and blood gushing down their faces. Whoever the DJ was who was talking in between bands, he kept saying "how drunk everyone was." Couldn't he remind people not to act like animals? No, instead he said he felt like a stewardess and reminded everyone that mixed Bacardi drinks were to the left and frozen Bacardi drinks were to the right. Why don't you not rely on people's alcoholism so much and just up the tickets a little? This was a reunion show—people were coming for the music, not the mayhem. Again, I'm not trying to be a stick in the mud, I just don't want to have to worry about my safety and the safety of the loved ones I came with.

Liz Clark


Diamonds Forever

A girl's best friend: Just wanted to thank Andrea Grimes for coming to the Dallas Diamonds tryouts and for writing such a great article about the process ("Footbawl," March 8). I cracked up pretty much from start to finish because I remember those days all too well, having started with the Diamonds in '02. But I'd like her to also know there is no shortage of Stella Artois AFTER the practices and games, so she is more than welcome to come back and do it all again during the third and final tryout on April 28. Then we can all have a beer, or a few, and she can know she is in good company. Andrea, we have a saying: "Once a Diamond, always a Diamond." You may have to come back and suit up, but you have earned your stripes so far. Thanks again!

Shelley Burnson

Retired #64 Dallas Diamonds General Manager

Immigration Woes

The mess we created: I continue to appreciate Ms. Megan Feldman's writing about immigration ("No Sanctuary," March 15). It is a vital story, and she tells it in a wonderful way. I know firsthand the plight of Guatemalans here. My first contact was a woman whose husband was a labor leader abducted by a death squad as they dropped the kids off at school. She identified his body a few days later. Her attempts to get the police to investigate led to death threats. We were able to obtain asylum for her. Thousands of others were not as fortunate. We trained some of these killers at the School of the Americas at Fort Benning.

We have a responsibility to these refugees that is beyond simple compassion for their plight. We as a nation were complicit in the fact they had to flee their home.

Bill Holston


The Bearded One

Mayoral shtick: Where's Zac Crain? I thought he was running for mayor. I guess he soon discovered that hip shtick only goes so far. Cool facial hair must not have been enough to build a campaign on.

Tony Garrett



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