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"Blown Away," by Tom Korosec, April 16

Cats and Dogs Living Together

So, Dallas is not ready for a flood or a tornado. Next week, a cover story on how we are not ready for an earthquake, and the week after the cover story will be that we are unprepared for locusts. I'm going to build an ark and fill it full of money so we can pay for all of the projects we need to protect against natural disaster. Or maybe I'll just go get a burger or something.



Jake from Dallas, via

"A level-5 tornado hitting inside the city limits is too big to plan for," says city of Dallas emergency management director Kenny Shaw. Good grief, where do we get these people? Good old boy Kenny needs to resign, and we need to get some "can do" folks in his place—maybe the commander of the USS Bainbridge and his SEAL team off Somalia.

Dallas Dave, via

I didn't get to write the article, and my quote is taken out of context. I didn't say it was too big to plan for. I said it would be too big for a simple, quick response. When I said "we are not sitting around," I meant just that. We are working constantly to plan and prepare for major emergencies and disasters in Dallas. My point was that a Category 5 tornado would be devastating and require assistance from neighboring cities. Maybe the Observer should run these things by folks they quote so they can get it right the first time.

Kenny Shaw, city of Dallas emergency management director

"Dish: The Joy of Waiting," by Dave Faries, April 16

There's a difference?

Food critic or ignorant, bigoted guy with an axe to grind? I'd suggest a change of career or a focus on the restaurants you're reviewing and less ill-informed drivel on the neighborhood and its residents where said restaurant may reside.

Been a fan of the weekly rags in Austin, Houston and now Dallas...and a frequent diner myself. About 25 years of reading these weeklies, first time I felt compelled to respond because of such an obvious lack of professionalism. It's more of a reflection of journalism today and the entitlement mindset as much as anything, I guess.

Chris Jackson from Dallas, via

"Dish: Big Talk," by Dave Faries, April 9

All Booze is Good

I hope your experience with the specialty cocktails were good at Maximo. I assure you I put passion and time into creating those cocktails for Mr. Maquire. Marg-Jito is a special cocktail creation for those people who want almost a margarita but want a mojito too, for those guests who cannot make up their minds. The lemongrass is delicate and light for spring and summer. Thank you for mentioning the cocktails in your article.

Caterina Miltenberger, SIP Cocktail Catering

Buzz, by Patrick Williams, April 9

Golden years

Jenny has certainly paid her dues, to her own detriment, existing in substandard conditions at the Dallas Zoo for 22 years. She unequivocally deserves retirement to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and to be able to live out the remainder of her days in peace.

Veronica from Dallas, via

Thank you for the recent article on Jenny the elephant by Patrick Williams.

I always thought Dallas was a modern, well-educated city. The horror I feel at their not being more compassionate and letting Jenny go to the retirement sanctuary in Tennessee merely because they won't let an "activist" tell them what to do—that is my opinion—is only overwhelmed at my great sorrow for Jenny herself.

Shame on Dallas!

Sue, Houston


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