Bolton's Back and Better Than Ever

Well, lookie where Terrell Bolton has surfaced. Seems the former Dallas police chief's up for a gig in DeKalb County, Georgia; if nothing else, he's on the list of finalists for the top cop spot, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. But this is probably not how you want to be described in the media whilst interviewing for a career in law enforcement:

Terrell Bolton became the first African-American police chief of Dallas in 1999. He quickly shook up the top level of the large Texas department, demoting several commanders. The city later paid $5.5 million to settle legal claims by demoted officers, according to reports in The Dallas Morning News.

Bolton was fired in 2003 after other controversies, including a scandal over officers making drug busts with fake evidence and an officer who was hired despite failing a polygraph test about an unsolved murder.

The AJC reporters working on the story asked DeKalb Chief Executive Officer Vernon Jones if he knew about Bolton's checkered past here . Clearly, the answer was yes: "Do you think I'm stupid?" he shot back, before insisting that the controversies here were "politically motivated." Then, during a telephone interview with the reporters, Bolton "blamed the Police Department controversies on political conflicts."

I have $20 that says the job is his. Sounds like a love match. --Robert Wilonsky

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