Bring It On

Bring It On
Three cheers for Jill Jones, co-star of UPN's Girlfriends

Duncanville native Jill Marie Jones, who cheered for the Dallas Cowboys from 1993 to '95, is a novelty and then some, an acting novice with a good gig and serious chops. As one of the principals of UPN's sitcom Girlfriends--she plays Toni, a well-to-do real-estate agent out to land a rich husband--Jones is a fine comedian, all sass and class. She's also an ex-Dallas Mavericks Dancer, making her the Bo Jackson of cheering.

Is there extra pressure on you these days--not just acting on a network show, but being on one of the rare series by and about African-American women?

I am very proud of our show, because you have four African-American women on television that get to be beautiful and drive nice cars and go to nice jobs and get to dress in designer clothes. You don't see that very often in film or television, where you have four women who look so fabulous and get in their Range Rovers.

Have you seen HBO's Hard Knocks?

Actually, one of the cameramen on my show said, "Hey, they're doing a whole thing on the Cowboys' training camp," and I had no idea. I watched it last week, and it's pretty intense.

Most people come away from it caring less about the team than the cheerleaders and choreographer Judy Trammell.

When I was a kid, my dad would take me to a couple of Cowboys games, and I remember watching this one particular cheerleader with this long blond hair thinking, "Oh, my God, I want to be her." Ironically, when I cheered, she was the choreographer, and it was just so special. And it was Judy Trammell.

What is she really like, because the series gives the impression she's a little, uh, demanding. Did she ever tell you you needed to lose weight in your face?

I never heard her say anything like that. But, you know, the Cowboys Cheerleaders are world-famous, and it's just like professional sports: You're gonna get the honest truth. But she's always been lovely to me.

So, you're on the cover of the new issue of King.

It feels great. It's my first cover ever.

In a bikini.

In a bikini. Yeah. It was a little strange for me, a little weird, because I've modeled and taken swimsuit shows and was even in the calendar when I cheered for the Cowboys, but it was a little weird to take such sexy photos. But I love it.

Do you love the headline?

It's fine. I don't see myself that way.

As sexual chocolate?

Oh, God, no.

Does anyone?

I hope not. That would be pretty scary. --Robert Wilonsky

Sack of Kittens

This week in Sack of Kittens: 3 Sons of Thunder, a.k.a. 3 S.O.T., a.k.a. the new Christian hip-hop group featuring Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Rocket Ismail and his partners in absolutely no crime whatsoever, The Dynamic Twins. Looks like? A Christian hip-hop group. Meaning: from the streetz, but a few steps behind everyone else and just square enough to think spelling "streets" with a z instead of an s at the end is enough to make them seem down with, you know, the homies. Sounds like? As a rhymer, Ismail is a pretty good wide receiver. And The Dynamic Twins? Well, they can at least fit "spiritual steel" and "breastplate of righteousness" into their verses and almost make it work. Almost. Sample lyrics? "I was walking down the av'/Just mindin' my own/Just talking to my God/In a spiritual zone," spits Ismail on the group's debut single, "Bounce," sounding like the toughest guy at church camp. We can only assume that there will be plenty more where this came from, now that Ismail is officially out for the upcoming football season; they're planning on releasing their debut full-length, The Reign Cometh, on Ismail's own City of Zion Records later this year. Number of kittens in the sack they're currently standing on? Two, and both of them now know that God works in mysterious ways. And praying for it all to end. --Zac Crain

Who the Hell Are You?

Every day, Dallas Morning News society writer Alan Peppard drops names of rich and powerful people we've never heard of, which makes us wonder how rich and powerful they really are. See if you can match the name to the description from Peppard's columns. (Paper City readers are not eligible.)

1) Brian Perry
2) Charlie McKinney
3) Steve Kemble
4) David Linley
5) David Feld
6) Bob Schlegel
7) Jan Strimple
8) Stan Levenson
9) Jane and John Dunne
10) Mike Pullon
11) Ed Cox
12) Elaine Agather
13) Peter Michel
14) Toni Chapman
15) Glenda Wolchuck
a) Pavestone founder
b) advertising ace
c) manager of the Palm
d) oilman
e) Southern Accents senior contributing editor
f) Brinks Home Security CEO
g) my British friend
h) Dallas model
i) Norman Brinker's fiancee
j) Hank Haney Golf Center's affable pro
k) JPMorganChase Bank Dallas CEO
l) local yoga goddess
m) charity-circuit veterans
n) Dallas event planner
o) financial virtuoso
Correct answers: 1)-c; 2)-o; 3)-n; 4)-g; 5)-e; 6)-a; 7)-h; 8)-b; 9)-m; 10)-j; 11)-d; 12)-k; 13)-f; 14)-i; 15)-l

What's in a Name?

With apologies to Spy magazine, our favorite local-celeb anagrams:

I am all ruler

A crank bum

Pro, my ass

Really, let's vote filth

Sore sport

The inane moron exerts

Slim inane folk

Yon gassy nerd

Chiefly menial

OK, I'm a demon

Skin remedy

Rash nobody

Evades in debt

Enforce till brothel

Urine on an era

Chic sex. I kid.

Mr. Trite Hell

Verbal old arses


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