Bush and Booze. Not What You Think?

Bush and Booze. Not What You Think?

First, on this Inauguration Day afternoon, a mention of drink specials in honor not only of our new president, but the former one who will make Dallas his home, oh, any day now. A few days back, Simon McDonald at The Libertine Bar forwarded us a handful of welcome-home signs, one of which appears at top, signaling the 4 p.m. opening-bell for cheap drinks, among them the Obama Slammer, the McCain Parting Shot and the Sarah Palin Designer Martini. Yes, please.

And speaking of drinking down a swearing-in, Pete went to The Lodge this morning for the inauguration -- seemed so, I dunno, inappropriate, which is why the idea was kinda funny at around midnight this morning. Meanwhile, this also seems like a pretty good reason to drink away the day.


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