But What's the Resale Value?

Say this much for Latika Monique Breed and Anicia Vonna Oretada: They worked very, very hard at being alleged criminals. The two Dallas women were arrested last week in Bossier City, Louisiana, where police say they're suspected of being part of a Dallas-based organized retail theft ring that targeted stores in the Bossier City-Shreveport area, including ones at the Pierre Bossier Mall.

Reports The Shreveport Times this morning, the women allegedly wrote counterfeit checks with Dallas and Denton addresses -- and at least a few of the checks were for more than a couple thou -- then turned around and resold the items "on the Internet, at flea markets or by other means." Again, seems like a lot of work -- all that driving, if nothing else, for some stuff to sell on eBay, which is kind of a beating. Or maybe these industrious folks just set the bar very high. --Robert Wilonsky


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