By Week's End, Maybe, We Should Know Whether Pacman's a Cowboy or Not

At first he wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy; then, the Dallas Cowboys kinda-sorta wanted him to be a Dallas Cowboy. Then it seemed like the prospect of Adam "Pacman" Jones becoming a Dallas Cowboy had diminished and disappeared altogether. Only, comes word out of Tennessee today that, well, if the trade for the troubled Titans cornerback is gonna happen, it'll be this week -- since, like, the NFL draft is at the end of the month.

Then again, the guy sending word is one of Jones' agents, Worrick Robinson, who says, "I think for both teams, it is important. It will give them a chance to set their draft boards and make adjustments." Kinda seems like the most important adjustment Jones has to make is getting the NFL to reinstate his suspended self; Jones' agents plan to ask NFL commish Roger Goodell to do just that when they file his pleading papers tomorrow. --Robert Wilonsky


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