CBS Turns To Noted Art, Rock Critic Vincent Furnier for Badu Video Review

Over on DC9 this morning, Pete posted a video of Erykah Badu performing "Window Seat" on Jimmy Kimmel's late-night show earlier this week -- oh, right, so there's a song in that naked video. Speaking of: Alice Cooper was on CBS's The Early Show this morning addressing Badu's Dealey Plaza strip-down ...  because, right, he's so "shocking" himself. (Apparently, this interview was taped some time in 1975.) So, then, Vincent Damon Furnier, give us your take:

"I never used nudity in my show. I always thought it was too easy. That's an easy way to shock. But I can see what she was going for. I don't know if it's -- if it was sexually oriented, I think I might have more of a problem with it. If it was more pornographic like that. But, I mean, if you go to the Louvre, all of art is based on naked women. I mean, I don't think it's anything new to see a naked woman. On the street, it is a different thing."

The four-minute video break-down follows.

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