Celebrating the Rather Random 36th Anniversary of the Launch of KZEW-FM

Been feeling awful nostalgic for KZEW in recent days -- maybe it has to do with the latest eff-you over on 93.3; maybe it stemmed from catching a vintage clip last week on The Ticket, where someone had dug up Mike Rhyner talking media-league softball way back when. So, of course, I visited The Zoo File -- where, as it turned out, late last week Scott, aka "The Zewkeeper," updated the media player so it could kick out more flashbacks than a Dead show: prolonged clips of John LaBella and John Rody (and Rhyner), a traffic report ("Damn this traffic jam ..."), a Hunt James commentary on how to be a man, the Bangles' Rock and Roll Alternative theme song, a James Taylor in-studio and more than enough to get you through what's left of your Monday afternoon.

Of course, there's a plenty good reason to post this: This Wednesday -- at 6 a.m., to be exact -- marks the 36th anniversary of the station's debut. (But: Some say September 19 is the actual launch date.) To mark the event, Scott writes, "I know I'm going to ... add some more audio by then. I'm going to chat with Rody about it and see what we can come up with." He'll send a note when he's got more.


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