Julie Bologna

Channel 11's Out of Bologna

Every couple of days, seems like, another comment gets added to the March 7 item about Rebecca Miller's getting released from KXAS-Channel 5, where she's since been replaced by no-not-that-Jennifer Lopez. Why, just last week Sharon Joyce of Dallas wrote, "Rebecca has it all -- thorough and easily understood presentation of the weather, grace, charm, humor and ... clearly a warm and wonderful heart." Will Julie Bologna receive the same fan-favorite send-off?

Because, wrote Uncle Barky on Friday, the KTVT-Channel 11 early-bird weather forecaster's returning to Pittsburgh, beginning in September. Which means there's an open spot next to the Weather-Tron Forecast-o-Matic 2000. No doubt, Becky Miller's fans have already begun their letter-writing campaign. --Robert Wilonsky


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